The Memorial Heights Redevelopment Authority / TIRZ #5 has recently completed the reconstruction of an intersection in the SE corner of the Heights area.

Houston Avenue @ White Oak Drive is a key ingress and egress point from the Woodland Heights area into Downtown Houston and the Near Northside communities.

The intersection as previously constructed operated a two-lane slip lane for travelers heading towards Downtown with no painted crosswalk or signals for pedestrians trying to cross to get to the park.

White Oak Park is to the left of the intersection and it was dangerous for pedestrians to get to and from the park at this intersection.

The revised plans for the intersection include the removal of Wrightwood St. by the convenience store and the removal of the two slip lanes.

Source: Jones Carter, the engineering and planning firm hired by the TIRZ to work on the project.

The reconfiguration adds bike lanes, safe pedestrian crossings and a greatly simplified intersection configuration.

This view is facing west on White Oak Dr. The newly planted trees on the left is where the previous slip lanes were located. The truck pictured is in the lane to turn right onto southbound on Houston Ave.

The reduction from five combining streets to four makes for a much more predictable experience for all road users.

The other large change was the conversion of Houston Ave. heading south from a four lane road to a two lane road with bi-directional bike lanes.

Heading south on Houston Ave away from White Oak Dr.

Bikers were very much at risk with drivers feeling comfortable to exceed the speed limit. Now they will have a dedicated lane protected by armadillos to help them span the bridge.

With relatively low effort, this intersection was completely redesigned and changed to make it a safer experience for bicyclists, pedestrians and cars and the Memorial Heights Redevelopment Authority should be championed for their efforts.

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